Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder

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When it comes to your car, busy days, school drop offs, errands, and more can prevent even the most type-A person from keeping it tidy. While we love using reusable totes as a hack to keep everything in one place in the trunk of our cars, we’ve recently discovered a new must-have car organizer.

Say goodbye to your handbag flying off your front seat (we’ve all been there!) with the car mesh bag holder that helps keep your purse stay put in the car. While the car mesh bag holder was initially intended for handbags, you can think of it as an extra pocket. It’s great for storing small items that are usually found rolling around on the car floor—think umbrellas, charging cords, water bottles, and sneakers.
  • Extra Storage Space: This car handbag holder utilizes the extra space at the back seat. The car mesh handbag holder provides additional storage space for your items, such as: handbags, mobile phones, wallets, magazines, and umbrellas. This useful car handbag holder makes your car tidy, clean and easy to locate the items that you need.
  • Easy to Install: The installation of this car handbag holder is very simple, without using any drilling or stickers, easy and convenient installation. The car net pocket holder has 2 top and 1 bottom elastic rope, you just need to attach the ropes to the headrest. It takes less than one minute to complete!
  • Durable & High Quality: This car mesh tote bag is made of selected high-quality elastic materials, fine mesh, and tight edges. The size of the mesh bag holder is 40 * 11.5 * 26 cm, which can be stretched to the perfect size according to the different space between the driver and passenger seats.
  • Safe Driving: This car mesh bag holder helps reduce attention while you are driving. The pocket handbag holder provides easy access to your items without having to place your beloved handbag on the passenger's feet, thereby reducing distracting driving. The car handbag holder serves as a special barrier from naughty children or pets in the back seat.
  • Universal Car Design: The car mesh bag holder is mainly compatible with front opening armrest boxes, some car consoles are not suitable for this product, such as side opening armrest boxes, no armrest boxes, double opening armrest boxes, sports armrest boxes. (Note: Our products do not include handbags).